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Richard Krause started in the construction industry at the age of nine working for a concrete construction company shoveling pea gravel and stripping forms. The following summer Ric worked for an electrical contractor bending conduit and pulling wire. The following two years he worked for a carpentry contractor and a plumbing company. Ric’s career really began at the age of 13 when his parents best friend asked him to finish their basement. After performing each and every trade, and because of his struggles of being a perfectionist, the project became a showcase for the neighborhood.


“During the summer of 1974 while Ric was still 13 years old, he gave us a price to finish our basement and we accepted. He completed all the work and trades himself, other than his father coming in for an hour to drive the nails into steel beams with a powder gun. Ric would not accept anything other than perfect workmanship from himself. There were a couple incidences where we were completely happy with the workmanship, however, Ric was not. He replaced some paneling and trim that he was not satisfied with. I have always said I would hire Ric to do any type of construction and have complete confidence that I’m in good hands and the project would be nothing less than perfect.”

- Mr. Thomas O’Reilly


After this first project, Ric became a very popular young contractor in the neighborhood. He was well known by the Villages he worked in and the companies he did business with, particularly because of the quality of work he did at such a young age.

Ric went on to study Civil Engineering at The University of Illinois, focusing on Structural and Soils Engineering. Along with receiving his Bachelor of Science degree, Ric also assisted with new courses for graduate engineers at the University.

Post college, Ric started his career at Walsh Construction Company where he grew through the organization at a rapid pace. Just one year out of college he estimated and bid one of the largest projects Walsh Construction had at the time and then ran the project. The project proved to be a complete and total success from all aspects including schedule, financially, and complete customer satisfaction.

Immediately following that project, Ric became one of the top executives in the Walsh Construction organization and led the Building Division in Chicago. In addition, he supported the other offices around the country, and started the work program that led to establishing Walsh’s office in the Washington DC market.

Ric’s career at Walsh Construction started with the company having a $30 million per year volume. He worked with a handful of top executives to help grow the organization to $3.5 billion in annual sales before starting Path Construction Company.

Path Construction Company started in 2008 with himself and one part-time employee. Today, 12 years later, Path Construction Company is a diverse General Contracting firm performing work in multiple asset classes including but not limited to Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Multifamily, Senior Living, Retail, Industrial and Treatment Plants, both within the public and private sectors. The company is now approaching 100 employees, has 4 offices and has performed work in over a dozen states across the country. With an emphasis on unwavering quality, reliability, experience, and accountability, Path’s clients can expect an unparalleled project delivery experience and finished product.